Ferananda Ibarra        


Ferananda is an international recognized figure in the field of collective intelligence and free currencies. The center of her work is conscious evolution of social systems, new social DNA and the processes and tools which support it. Seeding and nurturing the social soil she supports organizations and communities to become healthy living organisms by the means of right relationship in between people, wealth and planet. 

She is committed to bring consciousness into manifested form by following her bliss and the full expression of her capacities in the realms of the next economies, integral practices, collective intelligence and community living.

Ferananda works with TheTransitioner.org and for international NGO’s in United States, Europe and Mexico. She is currently founding the Collective Intelligence Research Institute (CIRI) with Jean-François Noubel. CIRI looks at collective intelligence as a social science which includes the domains of sociology, anthropology, ethics, psychology, the analysis of social networks, complexity theories, cybernetics, economy, art and more.

She is part of the development team for the flowplace.org system which is an open source system that allows for all communities to design, implement and track the currencies they need to generate wealth together. Fernanda collaborates with the metacurrency.org group in the development of the technological infrastructures and the DNA for the next economy.

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