By Donation?  What Does it Cost?


The minimum cost we are asking is the commitment to show up as you are and commit to a short reflection process on what would feel like an appropriate contribution to our work - if any -  which will happen toward the end of our presentation or workshop.  If you feel right now that you cannot afford to give any $  - that's okay - please come anyway!  That is true for both the presentation and the workshops.


We offer this tour of presentations, workshops and by-invitation salons as a gift to the community -  and we encourage reciprocal gifiting.  By that we mean that we are fully prepared to come and speak and give what we give and receive what we receive with no expectation or attachment to the outcome.  To facilitate this being the most positive fruitful and fair and fun exchange for everyone we will engage you in the following process as a way to explore a new way of doing business together.


1) Upon entering you will not be asked for a donation.  Instead you will be offered an envelope with a small form inside stating what this writing is stating.  If you leave early or before the facilitated process described below - we encourage you to give what you are inspired to in the envelope on your way out the door.  If you want a suggested amount - see below.  You can also donate by the DONATE button on this website.


2)  During the workshop (toward the end) we will use the opportunity this exchange affords us to explore the essence of gifting and the very nature of us coming to your town to do a presentation and/or workshop or salon.  We will facilitate a discussion and reflection on what we each of us (including you!) have given to show up together (including an open transparency of our tour costs) and then invite folks to gift us based on what you have recieved, where you are at financially and what  you are inspired to give in return, if anything.


3)  We think of the sliding-scale for this event from negative $100 (or less - yes we would give you money if that seems right!)  to $2000 or up!  If you give us nothing - as long as you've gone through the reflection process with us, then we will be fine with that.  If you can only afford $10 we will be fine with that.  If you want to know a figure that we would recommend - or that we would feel great about - you are welcomed to ask us.   Depending on your town - whether it's a 2.5 hour presentation or 4 hour workshop - we can only guess as of this writing what we will answer to that question at that moment - for an interactive presentation?  perhaps $10-40?  for a workshop? - perhaps $20-$350?  But if you come to a workshop and give us $5 or even nothing - as long as you've done the reflection process with us - we'll be psyched at the clarity of your offering!