Co-Creating Community Wealth

Seeding Sacred Economy

Ferananda Ibarra & Jeff Clearwater


There is a very specific wealth-building pattern at the heart of nature’s economic system that is the key to its success. If we observe nature’s sacred economy we can see that the currents, the flows make a living system alive. We can also observe that value fundamentally belongs to the whole system, not to the parts. Wealth is built and held in the commons.  Wealth is creating and evolving the collective through relationship.
In our workshop, we will explore our own personal relationship with wealth as well as the interpersonal and community dynamics this relationship allows and empowers.  Our ability to give and receive is at the heart of our relationship with the universe and with our community.  Our ability to awaken from the myth of separation empowers our ability to create and share community wealth.
We will then look at wealth from multiple perspectives, identifying different levels of wealth (tradeable, measurable, acknowledgeable) and move into a wider understanding of a multi-currency universe and its role in creating community wealth at all levels, transcending and including money.  We will then engage our collective intelligence to identify the various types of wealth in our local community and explore various types of currencies that can help us enable, make visible, share, and empower access to this community wealth.
We will also look at ways that various types of communities now create and share wealth and dream together into what is possible for your community.  Using our understanding of the currency flows we’ve made visible and drawing from the intentional communities movement and other social experiments we will look afresh at designing community economies - looking to apply our knowledge in practical next steps for creating and sharing abundance in more robust resilient local communities.
All the while we will be looking to learn from you and harvest from our time together the gems and insights that other communities on our tour may need.  We see ourselves as not only researchers and teachers but also students and cross-pollinators.  We call this a “Co-Creative Tour” in that we intend to develop long term relationship with each of you, keep alive the on-going dialogue and act as a conduit to feed back new ideas and best practices.   We hope to repeat this tour next year if you’ll have us!

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